Our farm

Rosso Francesco’s farm is a young reality that focuses its activity on wine-making sector. Born in 2001, it’s the continuity of several generations which dedicated their entire lives to agriculture in Roero territory. Dad Domenico focused his activity on vegetables while granddad Francesco loved writing down in an old note book the seasonal courses, products prices and, above all, the passion and the care he had in producing the ‘good Nebbiolo’.

This love for wine has been handed down to Francesco, current owner of the farm, who wanted to go back to origins, bringing back to life some abandoned vines and grandfather Francesco’s ‘good Nebbiolo’. This was the start of wine-maker activity not only of Nebbiolo, but of Barbera, Roero Arneis and Rosé wine too..

Our territory

Roero is a geographical region in Piedmont, in the North – East area of Cuneo Province. It takes its name from the homonymous family – the Roero family - who dominated this area for several centuries starting from the Middle Age. It is the ideal place for all those people who want to escape from noise and beton and look for an intimate contact with nature, the wild beauty of rocks, chestnuts and oaks woods, red rows of strawberries fields, precious vines which link fruits and vegetables fields. Small villages spread on hills tops among castles, ancient towers, churches, chapels, townships, tracks of a past that must be rediscovered and known.

Roero reality also involves the historic – artistic patrimony, churches, castles, cultural heritages from which the history of ancient times comes out. A soil rich in tastes and perfumes, wines, truffles, mushrooms, typical specialities and products, home-made sweets, etc..